Serendip – where opportunity meets preparation

A Consulting Company for Israeli and Polish Businesses

We are a consulting company for small and large businesses.
Our mission is to help European market leaders
in establishing trade relations
between Israel and Poland.

/ˌsɛr ənˈdɪp/ (n) finding something good
without looking for it

Countries with huge potential



Now is the perfect moment to grow your business in Poland. Thanks to EU grants, Poland has transformed into a modern market, filled with innovative startups, scientists and entrepreneurs.


Israel is a forge for startups, it defines the cutting edge. Israel will bring a multitude of technological innovation to the Polish market, as well as a modern approach to many aspects of business and investment.

Our mission

Our aim is to cultivate a reliable, friendly and modern Israeli-Polish business ecosystem.
Enhancing business relations

We develop and foster friendly relationships and branched network for Israeli and Polish entrepreneurs.

Creating the environment

In our advanced ecosystem companies, start-ups, hi-tech firms, investors and entrepreneurs can benefit each other.

High-tech expansion

We help to obtain EU funds and connect Polish and Israeli companies to carry out new hi-tech projects.

Comprehensive services

We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions with a wide variety of offers and a strong networking system.

"My visit in Israel was an outstanding business opportunity, but also a cultural pleasure. Serendip showed me the potential of Israeli market of innovations and modern coaching. I appreciate it very much."

Sławomir PrusakowskiCEO of Ab Initio

Very nice and friendly service, they were all helpful and made us feel completely at ease. Consulting at the highest level. Thank you!

Tomasz BukowskiFinancial Specialist

I should contact them sooner! Seriously, they just fixed up all of our issues and contacted us with right people. Excellent!

Filip NowakowskiCo founder, SP - Programmers

We had a chance to see Serendip's team in action. Last year they hosted us in Tel Aviv, arranging all necessary meetings with Israeli businessmen, Polish officials residing in Israel and hi-tech experts. It was very professional and effective.

Tomasz KallaCEO of K2BIZNES

I am planning to expand my venture to EU and Serendip proves me they can make it happen. They treat young entrepreneurs as professionally as big companies

Minerva Mazzawi Founder and CEO of Philia

Who we are?

Get to know us!

We are bridging the gap between Polish and Israeli business. We assist companies every step of the way. We provide comprehensive assistance for Israeli companies entering the Polish and European market, we provide comprehensive administrative and legal support, as well as leading companies through the intricacies of Polish bureaucratic procedures.

More than a consulting company

Comprehensive consulting services | Marketing for companies  | Gain the EU funds | Registration help and complex administration support| Standing out from the crowd

A  goal without a plan is just a wish – A. de Saint-Exupéry

More than a consulting company

Thanks to our knowledge of the culture, customs, and realities of both countries, Serendip can facilitate the quick and effective execution of business projects, recognise and solve problems as they arise, as well as predict and counteract potential obstacles that may arise along the way.

Serendip is not a company, but the people that it’s made up of. People of passion, professionals in every aspect, ensuring comprehensive support in achieving your goals, regardless of their complexity or field. In spite of the currently complicated situation in Poland, we are convinced that there is immense potential in Israeli-Polish relations, vastly greater than the problems one might encounter on the way. That is why, with hope and conviction, we strive to facilitate the most effective dialogue possible between our countries, and express the hope that, in spite of difficult times, we are able to build a better future for Polish and Israeli business together, creating the future that we desire.

Knowledge and experience tailored to your needs

Our offer

Grow your business in every aspect

Our wide array of services will give you comprehensive support every step of the way to start and manage your company or partnership in Poland. Our excellent marketing specialists will advertise your business to win over the Polish market. You can relax while we handle any administrative issues for you. Please, get acquainted with our services.

Tell us about your goals and vision
We perform research for your business
We prepare a tailored made offer and you choose what we work with
We take care of your business utilizing our network and contacts
Knowledge and experience tailored to your needs

I. Registration help and comprehensive administration services:

It’s all about your needs to set up a company in Poland 

The specific nature of how bureaucracy and business operate in Poland is very different to practices common in Israel, the US, or other EU countries. Many wonderful initiatives become mired in the bureaucratic process, convoluted administrative intricacies and a lack of appropriate lines of communication doom interesting, worthy projects to failure.

Thanks to Serendip you will avoid all of those problems with company registration and administration in Poland. We can find a proper location for your business, and give you all needed support.

Step 1 – the beginning

Tell us about your goals and vision.

How we can help with starting and developing your business in Poland:
  • we provide all necessary information and complex services for developing a company in Poland
  • we find the best locations for businesses
  • we help with the registration process, creating branches, dealerships, and companies in Poland and Israel with legal assistance and complex administrative support
  • we provide database access
  • we provide a developed network of distributors in many branches
  • we ensure professional help in obtaining funding from the European Union, especially in the area of modern technology
  • we support and manage joint ventures
  • we offer translations and sworn translations
  • we offer representative offices and warehouses with a full-service business and office administration, virtual offices
Business to business – people to people

II. Networking
and partnership:

The right people are your key to success. We make direct connections for you.

We know how important it is to every business to cooperate with the right people. We work only with the best. We connect you with the contacts you need and create an elaborate network to build a healthy business ecosystem.

Step 2 – contacts

Planting seeds in the appropriate ground.

We know the people:
  • we put a great deal of effort into effectively searching for business partners between Poland and Israel
  • we find investors and investments, appropriate partners for business cooperation, reliable suppliers and distributors
  • we ensure full support for Israeli companies in communicating with Polish government institutions and offices
Knowledge and experience tailored to your needs

III. Consulting:

We will help you to set up and adopt the best strategy.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is half the battle. We help you to evaluate and utilise them in the best way for your company and as effectively as possible on the Polish market.

Step 3 – nothing but great strategy

Let’s talk about your strengths.

A good strategy is crucial:
  • we help Israeli and other foreign companies take part in tenders in Poland
  • we help Polish companies take part in tenders in Israel
  • entering high tech fields
  • finding and testing new markets
  • business strategy building
  • we help to become independent from agents
  • we can manage the distribution of goods and services

IV. Events organization

Build your success

Come and meet potential partners to cooperate with.

There are some events where your company only needs to show up to learn of and get to know potential partners and competition. We know where you have to be and how, we can also organise events and conferences that will serve your company.

Step 4 – Let the world hear about you

Who are you looking for? Who is looking for you?

Do you know where to go with your company?
  • we give companies the chance to take part in key events taking place in our country
  • we organise events and meetings that create a space for making new contacts and establishing new cooperation, providing favourable and casual conditions for one to get to know potential new business partners in an atmosphere of creativity
  • event services
  • company representation at events and trade fairs
  • attending trade fairs


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We invite you to contact us and set up a meeting. Our offices are located in London and Warsaw. Below you can find contact details.


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Polish office Warsaw:
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